Deadlands: The Weird West Reloaded

New Places, Old Faces

An exciting ride and three terrifying attacks

The posse awoke the next morning, heading to meet Langley in a restaurant near his hotel, where Langley told them that he would have another job for them. As they ate, Langley informed them that he would be getting on a train bound for the City o’ Gloom, Salt Lake City to the rest of the country, to work on a deal with the Mormons, one that his head of R&D, Abraham van Helter had been working on until it stalled out, and that the posse would be his security on the train. Langley also informed the posse that the train was a meeting of minds, a conference of all types of men and women in differing fields, including Dr. Hellstromme himself. Along with a promise of payment, Langley promised to help them get settled in the City when they arrived and an offer for more work down the line.

After the posse got settled in the train, an elderly Indian was suddenly rushed past by a group of medics, leading to King and Reginald to find out what had happened to him, while Briggs stayed behind to help Lee get situated, who was still recovering from the wound he received while fighting the cult the night before. Between King and Reginald’s “expert” ministrations, they returned the Indian to consciousness, who introduced himself as Runs With Buffalo or just Buffalo for short. Being the ever curious type, Reginald decided to see if the man was magical and, to a mild surprise, found out that he was. After asking him to join them, and meeting up with Briggs on their way back to the main car, they found Langley speaking with Hellstromme, a short and uncomfortable confrontation, as the doctor seemed insistent on ending it as soon as he could. As he left, on his way to talk to a man from Pittsburgh, which piqued Reginald’s interest, Langley told the posse to return to the main car when he was going to give his speech shortly after the border crossing. Before the posse left the main car, they stumbled into a Scientist, Edward Antry, who was looking for a group to travel with to help keep him safe while he continued his studies, and joined up with them.

After spending time drinking and playing cards, the posse returned to hear Langley’s speech, and kept a watchful eye around the car. They began to notice the people backing away from the windows, and a few members of the posse noticed two Steam Wagons keeping pace with the train on either side of it. Suddenly, the windows shattered and a group of bandits got on, led by a man named Cal, who explained that they would be taking everyone’s valuables and then heading on their way. As the posse tried to come up with a plan of action, Buffalo decided that a distraction was in order, and changed himself into a hawk to do so. Unfortunately, Cal was a better shot then he accounted for, and he shot him out of the air, causing chaos to break out in the car as the posse sprang into action.

Unfortunately, during the confrontation, Reginald took a shotgun blast to the chest from Cal, who then took a hostage and escaped. As the posse hurried to help Reginald, with some expert miracles from King, Hellstrommes’ automatons arrived to begin the clean up of the car. Langley told the posse to, once more, enjoy themselves and unwind, but to return during Hellstrommes’ speech, just in case something like this were to happen again. After another bout of cards, and more drinking, they returned to listen to Hellstrommes’ speech, and to watch for trouble, casually noting a new group of automatons walking around the car. Trouble seemed to arrive, as they saw a group of guards running out of the car and up the train, and the train suddenly bucking. Langley told the posse to find out the source, as the new automatons began placing people inside of themselves for safety.

Out on top of the train, the posse found the source of the bucking, an enormous worm that they would later learn was a Salt Rattler. Along with the help of the few guards remaining on the top of the car the posse drove the Rattler away, after it severely wounded Buffalo and nearly threw him off of the train. After a few failures to help Buffalo, the guards took him down to the trains doctors and paid the posse $5 for their help and gave them a bundle of 10 sticks of dynamite. Back inside, Langley was helping people out of the automatons and told the posse that the train would arrive at Salt Lake soon, so they should spend their remaining time on the train however they wished.

As the posse was getting off of the train with Langley, and Langley was having their luggage moved to the hotel he had set them up in, a tall, wiry, ungroomed and seemingly unhinged gentleman began making his way through the crowd. Langley introduced him as van Helter, and told the posse to come to the unfinished factory, because van Helter didn’t want to speak in the open. At the factory, Langley told the posse that van Helter had revealed that he was being watched by the Texas Rangers, a group specifically being led by a man named Richard Queen, a name which piqued King’s interest. Langley told them that, when he and van Helter had enough information to go up against them, he would pay the posse $50 for their help. The posse accepted, after a short confrontation wherein Reginald tried to press for more money and was threatened by van Helter, and were dismissed by the pair so that they could discuss business.

The next day the posse split up to gather info of their own, and King and Reginald ended up in the same speakeasy, as the Mormons did not allow alcohol in their capitol. In the speakeasy, the two heard multiple stories of others encounters with the weirdness in the world, including a story of a vicious gunman who shot down a kind and helpful man with a single shot, and left without any explanations. They also heard of a reward for stopping a series of attacks up by the mountains outside of the city, an animal seemingly attacking anyone that tried to find a woman or a child calling for help. After hearing the reward built up, $15 and a LeMat Grapeshot Revolver, the two agreed to look into the attacks and, after picking up Briggs and Asno, set out to the location of the attacks. They didn’t arrive until night had already fallen and set up a small camp to continue their search in the light.

However, King was awoken in the middle of the night by a child’s scream and, due to only being half awake, he yelled back, he woke Reginald in time for him to hear a second scream, this time a woman’s. As Reginald prepared himself to chase after the sound, King woke Briggs and they chased after him, to where the sounds had come from. Suddenly, a large cat like creature (a Catamount) leaped out from behind one of the rocks, landing on top of Briggs. A second one would shortly join the attack, but the posse would make short work of them, but not before heavily injuring Briggs. They began to search the area, to make sure that there wasn’t anything else lying in wait for them, and they found a large amount of mauled bodies in different states of wholeness and decay. To make sure they had all the info they wanted, King reanimated one of the heads and interviewed him, depressing Reginald in the process. When they were sure they had everything, they left back to the City, after sleeping away the rest of the night, and received their reward, ready to face what the City could throw at them next.


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