Jules "King" Le Roi


Blessed (Voodoo)

An aging holy man who’s currently dying from an “unknown ailment”. Often poses as just a normal holy man, as in worshiping Christ and God, but instead is a Houngan who worships the Rada Loa. Owns a donkey named Asno, but refuses to ride him, as Asno is a trusted friend.


Jules Le Roi was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Landry Le Roi, a traveling holy man and his much younger lover Magnolia, a woman who fell in love with the suave holy man. Seeing as Landry was a traveling holy man, he soon left Magnolia, conveniently, his time to leave was as soon as Magnolia said she was pregnant. Magnolia’s pregnancy came and went, giving birth to Jules Le Roi, and a year after his birth, Landry came back to New Orleans. After a confrontation within the small home of Magnolia, she was lying motionless on the ground, and Landry was taking young Jules with him on the road.

Jules lived comfortably with his father, learning all about God and the holy scriptures. That is up to Jules’ fifteenth year of living. Jules, now a great holy man himself, and his father were stopped on the road by a pack of bandits, and after taking just about everything the Le Roi’s had, the bandits shot Landry and took Jules as a young able-bodied person with no connections left… but Jules had one connection left… to god. While traveling with these bandits, Jules met a Houngan by the moniker of Papa. Papa took Jules under his wing, teaching Jules about the Rada Loa and how they can help, even a holy man such as himself. While here, the leader of the bandits, Smoke, taught Jules to shoot guns, to fight with a knife, and to fist fight. From the other bandits, Jules learned to repair machinery, though he was never good at it, and to cook and to skin animals with his bowie knife.

Jules spent about ten years traveling with this bandit group, considering them a second family, despite them killing his real father… but that’s because Jules knew deep in his heart that he killed his mother. Eventually after all this time of successful runs and evading the law, the luck had to run out. Smoke’s hangout was raided by Rangers. Everyone was killed, except for Papa, who was now very close to dying of old age, and Jules. The leader of this Ranger group was a ranger named Richard Queen, who said that if Jules and Papa surrendered, they’d both go to jail and live comfortably… when he finally confronted Jules and Papa, he plainly states that he lied and that the bandits didn’t deserve mercy. He then shot Papa in the head and shot Jules several times in the body. The Rangers then started leaving, but before leaving, they set the base ablaze. Jules was barely alive, but somehow managed to escape the burning hideout… and then carry himself multiple miles until he collapsed on the local church’s doorstep.

Jules survived the incident, which was nineteen years ago, but he was never quite the same again… Jules had the closest thing he had to a family torn away from him… after both of his parents were killed in front of him. Jules spent a little time in the city that saved him, just to pay thanks, but started traveling again, helping people, whether it was with his gun or his powers. Jules never forgot or forgave those Rangers… nor did he ever forget the name Richard Queen. Jules goes around trying to find any information about these Rangers, but especially their leader, all the while, he knows he’s not the same young man he once was… and he knows he’s dying. During one of his travels, he got shot… as per the usual… but Jules’ luck ran out and the doctors said he has a disease called Septicemia, which causes him to constantly be running a fever, have increased heart rate and breathing rate and he gets confused often… along with that, he’s recently been having a pretty bad cough. Jules stopped going by “Jules” to the public, donning his old nickname from his bandit crew, King, which Le Roi is in French, at least, that’s what Papa said. Jules has grown very stubborn, and he’s emotionally distant, because everyone he cares about dies. Along with his Voodoo, Jules picked up smoking from Papa, but he isn’t an everyday smoker…

Jules wears Smoke’s old Stetson, a beaten old black hat… his black hair is a dread-locked into a small ponytail and has a black beard… his hair naturally dreadlocks now, and it’s definitely starting to show a lot more gray…. He usually paints a skull on his face, representing both the pain he’s suffered from death and the death he’ll bring to those who cross him. He usually wears a set of black clothing… but has an entire set of clothes that he keeps with him, just in case he needs a change. He carries a pair of reading glasses with him at all times, because even though he won’t admit it, he has a hard time reading without them. On top of all that, he has his young mule named Asno, who Jules cares for very much… probably the stubborn old bastards only friend is a young ass.

Jules "King" Le Roi

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